Fishermen and Their Nets


In Matthew 4:18-22, Jesus calls his first disciples—fishermen. Simon Peter and Andrew were fishing; James and John were “preparing their nets.” I was reminded of this this past week when my writing buddy told me a quote that she had read and liked, “When fishermen aren’t fishing, they are repairing their nets.”

When fishermen aren’t fishing, they are repairing their nets. Repairing the nets is an integral part of the fishing. Without their nets in good repair, they won’t catch anything. Time must be spent on both in order to accomplish the task of catching the fish.

In our lives, we are often in something of a “repairing the nets” phase, learning to grow as individuals in and in community, but we are usually more anxious to begin fishing than to attend to the repairing. We must remember, however, that we can never do the fishing without the repairing; and using the nets—doing the work that we are called to do—always puts the nets in need of further repair. If we are to function and be productive, we must be willing to always take the time to repair the nets that bind us together as a community.

How are you helping to keep your nets and your community’s nets repaired?


4 thoughts on “Fishermen and Their Nets

  1. lisadanielswrites

    This is such a great reminder to take the time to strengthen our connections and also to rest where we are at any given time as opposed to always taking the main action toward our goals. So much can happen, often unexpectedly wonderful, when we are able to allow ourselves the time. Great post!

  2. Dara

    Wonderful analogy! Am “repairing my nets” after Mom’s death and looking for God given opportunities to serve Him in all that I do and say. Thank you reminding me of this necessary part of serving.

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